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I have to say that one of the best things in my life, are my children.  Yes, they drive me crazy -at times, but they have also taught me so much about myself and the world around me.  When young children see wildlife, perhaps a species they have not seen before, they get so excited and amazed.  As we get older, we take our environment for granted and we fail to see what makes the wildlife unique and interesting.  We no longer marvel at how or why these animals evolved.  We don't take the time to observer their behavior, so we never even get to the question ‘How or why are they doing that?’.

When trying to get that distinct picture, you have to take the time to observe and learn about the wildlife.  When I process the images, I get to view the moments of time I captured, in detail.  This often reveals details that the casual observer does not get the chance to see it.  I’m often amazed, fascinated and sometimes amused in what I find, as I review the day’s images.

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