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Getting Out There… is the key to get great images.  You can have the best techniques but unless you invest the time and energy into immersing yourself in the environment, you will miss amazing opportunities.  Although most of my photography is done locally, this section presents some pictures from photography specific trips.

Antarctic Region... Other than local backpacking trips to do night photography, this was my first photography orientated trip.  It was an amazing experience.  So many animals to photograph, I didn't know which way to turn. The landscapes were also breath taking, with hanging glaciers and icebergs all around the Antarctic Peninsular.

Polar Bear Cubs... This trip to Churchill, Manitoba was my first real experience of a Canadian winter.  Standing outside, operating a camera at minus 40 Celsius, showed the dedication of the photographers on the trip.  The amazing thing is the 6-8 week old cubs did not care about the cold.  They were happy to play and roll around in the snow as their mother watched.  I also tried out a Go-Pro for the first time, so check out the video.

The Great Bear Rain Forest... I had the privilege of spending a week with the Gitga'at, visiting the Great Bear Rain Forest and the amazing wildlife.  The focus of our trip was to see the elusive Spirit Bears.  Spirit bears, a sub-species of the black bear, are only found on the west coast of British Columbia.  There are thought to only be 3-4 hundred spirit bears.  As well as spirit bears we also had the opportunity to observe; black bears, bald eagles, humpback whales, Martens, stellar sea lions, american dippers and blue jays.  We also tried to find the elusive wolves but although there were a couple of distant sightings, curiosity did not get the better of them.  I'll certainly be back to see more...

                        The great bear rain forest  page is currently under development so check back soon

Polar bear cubs
Spirit Bear
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