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About this Site

A lot has happened since this picture was taken.  I was fresh out of university and on my way to adventure, travelling around the world to study in Vancouver, Canada.  I'm a lot older and maybe a little bit wiser.  As the saying goes, 'The more I learn, the more I learn how little I know.' - Socrates. 


I was born in Newcastle in the North East of England.   I spent 6 months travelling and photographing my way around the world to Canada.  While studying I spent a lot of his time hiking, climbing, skiing, scuba diving and camping.  All these activities allowed me to enjoy being outside in the natural beauty around BC. 

I have now progressed through many stages of life; school, university, marriage, mortgage, children...  I now feel the need to get back out into nature and experience it's many wonders before time catches up with me.  As I observe and experience life around me, photography helps me to hold on to those moments and share them with anyone who is interested.  

The site starts with some old film picture I took in the 1990's to show my photo-graphical origins.  The other collections are much more recent and are based on themes.  Over time, new themes will be added and some retired.

Just a note as to why you can see the Chinese characters on many of my pictures -英国 (Yīngguó)  These are the Chinese characters for ‘England’.  I had the ‘England’ stamp made while backpacking in China.  I include the stamp on my photos, out of respect for all the people I met travelling who were able to communicate with me in English.  This was especially poignant in China, where many of the Chinese people have minimal access to the language education, that people in the west take for granted.

I can be contacted by emailing or add a comment below.  Comments are always welcome.


I have always been uncomfortable with social media, preferring to have my own site that I control, rather than a 3rd party site.  The 3rd party sites have a habit of taking ownership of your data and often become are deprecated as the companies are taken over.  This happened with both my original photo site and recently National Geographic's 'Your Shot' site.

As a result, I will now only maintain a comprehensive set of images on my web site.  But in an effort to reach out to a greater audience, I'm experimenting with Instagram.  

My thought is that I will post some teaser pictures and announcements on Instagram, when new galleries are posted on my website.  If you liked my site and want to see more, click on the Instagram link and select follow.

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