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Night Photography

I have recently started to explore the art of night photography.  Unlike wildlife and landscape photography, were opportunities to get great pictures are often just around the next corner, night photography requires more effort and creativity.  The first step is to get away from cities and light pollution.  The second step is to find an interesting foreground.  Finally you need to stay up most of the night.  


In BC, I have found one of the best places for night photography is on the side or top of a mountain.  The air is clear and there is very little, if any, light pollution.  Your camera can also be left outside without the worry of someone disturbing it.

The down side with star trail images is that you only get one chance.  So all the effort could be wasted, if your exposure is wrong, or your framing is poor.  On one occasion I setup next to a log that went out into a lake. The gentle wave action on the log moved the ground next to the tripod.  The resultant star trail looked like a circular erratic heart beat.

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