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About the Logo

As a IT professional I get to work with many interesting companies.  Currently, at least at the time I wrote this, I'm working for a company called Stormtech.  Stormtech specialize in the design of outdoor clothing and adding customization's, such as company logos.  I quite liked the idea of creating my own logo for my website and having it embroidered on a jacket.  But what should I use for a logo? 

As this site shows, I have had a chance to visit some amazing places and wildlife.  But I must admit, I do like the local wildlife the best, and have made a point at focusing my attentions in North America and especially in British Columbia.

There is not many species that are prominent and uniquely British Columbian as the Spirit Bears.  There are only 3-4 hundred Spirit Bears and they are primarily found on the coastal islands off British Columbia.  As I searched for a logo to use, I came across the picture of Ma'Ha posing for photographs, on a plinth, watching the salmon swimming by and and staying just out of reach.

After many, many versions and help from my sons, I eventually settle on the logo you see below.  I hope you like it, it brings a smile to my face, every time I see it on my Jacket.

Final no bkgd.png
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